The Hotel

The Hotel lies in the downtown of the city Springe in a historic building group. The gable-end onto street solid building from the year 1751 and the pitches toward the street timbered house with his big hip roof from the year 1689 are under monument protection. Both houses are thorough refurbished.There are

11 comfortable Onebed-, 6 roomy Doublebed-, one Twobed- and one Threebedroom for our guests available. Each room is equipped with WC/Shower, Telephone and Television.Central and short layed, do we offer short- and longtime vacationers, Hiking- and Bikingguests, Business- and Fairguests a pleasure athmosphere for repose and collect energy for new activities.

We would like to fulfil your pleasures and are b your side with advice and action.In the breakfast room we would like to cosset our guests with a richy breakfastbuffet - in parts from our own creation.Two mountains the big and little Deister surround Springe. Generous Areas in the lowlands and the highlands are "Round about Springe" optimal for Hiking and Biking. Springe is aout 20 km south of Hannover.

About 15.000 citizens live in Springe. The imperial hunting lodge in the Saupark and the "Wisentgehege" are lovely destinations, that you must have seen.

In the downtown of Springe are still man timbered houses to marvel at. Small Shops, pubs and restaurnts invite to stroll around.

Over the whole year there are many culture events in and around Springe. From the Traditional potter market to the Hubertusfest hat Springe much to give.